Landscaping Services


Landscapes are essential  because they use fewer resources, support life cycles, provide long-term investment returns. Given the world’s population growth and associated resource depletion, a thoughtfully planned landscape is a significant gift to Mother Nature and this planet.

Califirst Remodel are here to help you create the outdoor environment of your dreams. We collaborate with you at every stage to create a visually appealing landscape that accomplishes your objectives, whether you want to create a warm environment for your visitors, We can make any design you want, whether it’s a hidden sanctuary in the backyard of your house.


Customers in the greater Eastside can get a full selection of commercial and residential landscaping services from Califirst Remodel. You’ll discover that our crew can efficiently enhance your property, from grass maintenance to pruning, irrigation to water feature installation.

More than just curb appeal is provided by the outside spaces for residential and business landscaping. You have a space that feels tranquil and comfortable when the design is supportive, suits your personality, and meets your functional demands.


Califirst Remodel knows that gardens and outdoor areas can be made stylish, inviting, and practical through proper landscaping. We use hard features and materials in open areas, making sure that these aspects blend in seamlessly with the softscape components.

Soft & hard ladscaping definition:

Soft Landscape design:

The remodeling or maintenance of soft materials in an outdoor area is known as soft landscaping or softscaping. Turf, trees, grass, bushes, and flowers are examples of soft landscaping elements. Califirst Remodel manage these soft materials using various techniques, such as planting, grading, weeding, trimming, digging and spraying.

Hard Landscaping Design:

Califirst Remodel can offer options to satisfy a customer’s realistic space requirements. Additionally, it can define boundaries and offer a base from which to drain or divert water, stop erosion, or add other features. A room can become a classy and inviting location with the use of useful and elegant hardscape materials.


Califirst Remodel is the go-to contractor for commercial projects because of our years experience and expertise in both hard and soft commercial landscaping on a variety of projects, from podiums and roof gardens to street level works.

We provide you with the best options while working within your budget to update your outside space. You can relax knowing that your investment is being used effectively to create landscapes that will be beautiful to look at for years to come thanks to transparent costing. We handle all the labor-intensive tasks, from planning to execution, so you can enjoy the transformation of your lawn into the envy of the neighborhood.

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We provide both soft and hard landscaping services, including the following: 

  • Building a garden wall
  • Building a deck and patio
  • Build a pool and a seating area
  • Install a fountain
  • Planting assistance
  • Turfing
  • Leveling
  • Install artificial grass
  • Build a fence
  • Hedging and Pruning
  • Gardening upkeep
  • Installation of an irrigation system
  • Mulching
  • Installation of lighting
  • Install raised flower beds
  • Plus more!


We have decades of experience working on substantial commercial and residential projects.

Do not be afraid to inquire about our team’s range of remodeling services if you also want to freshen up the interior. Join the growing number of clients who have benefited from our knowledge and experienced an improved quality of life.


What is the price of landscaping?

The following criteria are used to determine the cost of our landscaping services:

  • Your outdoor space's size
  • Customization
  • The plants you select
  • Whether or not you need to maintain your garden
  • Materials cost

Why is landscaping so pricey?

Costs for landscaping are high due to the labor, supplies, equipment, and insurance for expert crews. Customers are charged for the ever rising costs of maintaining a landscaping or lawn team. Pricing varies amongst businesses, although it generally stays within a certain range. However, if money is tight, we can work with you to build a garden that fits within your budget.

Is landscaping worth it?

Yes! A property's landscaping can enhance its beauty. The scenery has always been the draw, whether it is a neighborhood of homes or a commercial complex. More than just making the yard seem great, landscaping may create a place for leisure, enjoyment, and conservation with little human involvement.

How does landscaping raise the value of my property?

The value of your place can increase by tens of thousands of dollars through landscaping. It is actually one of the few home renovations you can make that rises in value over time in addition to adding value right away. Plants become fuller and more resilient over time, but interior design and decor trends change frequently and mechanical systems age.