What Is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?

An ADU is a building on your property that can be either independent from or attached to your primary residence. An ADU can be used for a variety of things, including a home office, a guest house, and even long-term habitation.

ADU is a desirable alternative if you want to be close to someone in your family but yet want them to have privacy, such as an aging parent or an adult child who has returned home after college. Another desired aspect is the ability to generate semi-passive rental income without needing to own a separate property. Know your local laws, especially if you plan to rent the ADU on Airbnb, and receive a reliable estimate of the project’s cost before moving further.

Why Work with a Los Angeles ADU Builder?

On January 1st, 2023, a new California law went into effect that permits 2-story ADUs in specific circumstances, offers more freedom on where ADUs can be located on a property, and streamlines the process of acquiring an ADU permit.

Due to the fact that they don’t require paying for land, significant new infrastructure, structured parking, or elevators, ADUs are an affordable type of home to build in California. For homeowners, ADUs can be a source of revenue.

Why Construct an ADU?

Many people construct ADUs to provide housing for family members, but many more do so to generate rental income.

6 Advantages of Including an ADU on Your Property

  • Family and out-of-town guests
  • A rise in property values
  • Renting a property to generate passive income
  • Adult children and recent college grads
  • Housing at a Reduced Cost for Senior Family Members & Caregivers
  • The Ideal Workout or Home Office Space


Whatever ADU design concept you may have, Califirst Remodel can make it a reality.

A completely functional living area that can be classified as an additional dwelling unit belongs to one of three groups:

  • Interior ADUs
  • Attached ADUs
  • Detached ADUs

There are ways to incorporate an ADU into your property within each of these categories.

Interior ADUs

Inside the main house, frequently converted space, like an attic or basement.

Small cabin designs and tiny homes are suitable for a range of interior decoration trends. 

Nothing makes a space feel more open and breezy than natural light. Windows bring openness and style without taking up additional space when you’re working with a little amount of area, making them ideal for an ADU design with a compact footprint.

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Attached ADUs

Built as an addition to the main house. Attached ADUs, as opposed to interior residences, will have a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, HVAC system, and other amenities necessary for independent living. In these kinds of buildings, a private entry may or may not exist. They might occasionally share them with the main framework.

Detached ADUs

A solitary, independent building such as a garage, shed, cottage, or carriage house.

This kind of ADU is totally separated from the main residence. It will be equipped with its own interior, entrance, and other characteristics. Unless homeowners have a detached garage they intend to convert, these ADUs are nearly typically brand-new construction.


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What Is the Cost of a Total Home Remodeling?

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